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DIY Alarm Systems Are Becoming Easier To Install

Do-it-Yourself alarm systems are now becoming a snap to install. Systems today are very similar in the sense that almost all sensors are wireless with self-stick tape to mount contacts and for the items that require tools you’ll basically need just a screwdriver.

Take 3 Steps Toward Healthy Eating

We know we should eat more of what’s good for us and less of what’s not. But most Americans get too many calories and not enough nutrition in their daily diet, health experts claim. Here’s a simple three-step plan to help.

New Study Shows Multivitamins Are Ineffective

A new study is lending more support to the idea that multivitamins are not effective.  The report published in an American Heart Association journal said that researchers found no evidence that multivitamins or mineral supplements prevent heart attacks, strokes or heart disease.  The lead scientist in the study said he hopes the findings encourage people…