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Dr. Arthur Turovets, the president and founder of Nuvo Fat Loss and NJ Diet, specializes in natural health and wellness. Not only does Dr. Turovets focus on individuals’ weight goals but also optimal health and wellness without the use of drugs or surgery.

Dr. Turovets has had over 15,000 patients on his program, in 8 offices across the tri-state area which is increasing to more locations within the next 12 months. Dr. Turovets and his team work hard every day to help patients, not only with their weight, but also the overall health and wellness goals.

NJ Diet is now able to analyze your hair / saliva and DNA in relation to weight gain and weight management. The typical results are 20-45+ pounds of weight loss in only 40 days!

DNA testing is FDA recognized technology that will determine genetically customized diet plans, eating behaviors, food reactions, nutritional focus points, metabolic health factors, and overall body and weight relationships of each individual patient to help you stay healthy keep the weight off for the rest of your life.