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Preferred Company 5-4-21: Katherine Sherbrooke Download

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You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Katherine Sherbrooke, author of ‘Leaving Coy’s Hill’. This is a story of feminist and abolitionist Lucy Stone with the goal of establishing her life as one of the true pillars of the women’s movement, one whose fight for equality regardless of gender or race as well as personal fulfillment. Lucy first discovers a shocking truth about life for married women in nineteenth-century with no right to ownership of property or even to custody of their own children, women were completely beholden to their husbands. She quickly sees the common ground between the plight of slaves and the status of women in this account of the real-life suffragist. ‘Leaving Coy’s Hill’ brings a deeply personal perspective to the vast struggles for freedom that rocked the nation.

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