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Please note, the above graphic is not accurate and for illustrative purposes only.

For the second time this week, the website Gridiron New Jersey has corrected its Strength Index numbers for the state’s high school football teams.  This time, it appears to have fixed a glitch that did not calculate new OSI numbers for teams that had Week 3 byes.

A routine check of its own public school numbers by WCTC Sports on Monday found errors in a large number of teams’ Strength Index numbers, confirmed by running scores going back to the beginning of the season for a handful of teams.

That issue was corrected late Tuesday morning after an email sent by WCTC’s Mike Pavlichko to Gridiron owner/operator Jon Fass, but it was later discovered by WCTC Sports that teams with byes did not get a new OSI calculated by Gridiron.  Even teams that do not play would have a new OSI each week, because their opponents played, thus changing the value of those games.  (Example:  Sayreville had a bye in Week 3, but since it’s opponents played, and their Strength Indexes changed, Sayreville’s OSI would have changed as well.)  WCTC again emailed Fass about the error, but did not receive a reply.

Late Wednesday night, WCTC Sports discovered – while checking the remaining non-public school numbers – that most SI around the state had been wrong.  It’s possible that Gridiron may have been working to fix the bug that didn’t calculate OSI for teams with byes, but WCTC did not receive a response from Gridiron about the error, and the wrong numbers were online for several hours.

Using the wrong numbers could potentially throw off coaches attempting to check their own ratings.  That’s possible this year after 2018 employed the Born Power Index, whose formula was not revealed.

Thursday morning, a check of Gridiron’s numbers shows all Strength Index numbers again appear to be correct.  As a result, OSI appears to be correct as well, reverting to the numbers as they were posted when the issue was first corrected Tuesday.  In addition, teams like Sayreville – which have byes – appear to have been corrected as well; Gridiron’s OSI matches what WCTC Sports calculated using the same methods, as spelled out in the NJSIAA’s 2019 Football Regulations.

Gridiron New Jersey is the official calculator of Power Points, Strength Index, OSI and UPR for 2019.