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One of the difficult things with power points is figuring out what group opposing schools are in when they’re located outside of New Jersey.  In this case, the onus is on the member school to find the enrollment, and figure out where they would place in the NJSIAA’s classifications.

For media and the average fan, it’s generally not easy to find enrollment numbers without calling the school.  And with dozens of games fro New Jersey opponents against out-of-state programs, that’s a time-consuming task.

For the Strength Index – used to calculate the Opponent Strength Index – the process is a little easier:  find the out-of-state opponent on the MaxPreps website, find their national rank, then look for the closest NJSIAA member school, and use that school’s SI number.  When a New Jersey team is home (or at a neutral site) use the closest member school below the out-of-state opponent.  Use the closest NJSIAA member school above the out-of-state team when a New Jersey team is on the road.  Use the MaxPreps ranking the Wednesday before the game is played.

Let’s take an example from this weekend:  Delbarton hosts St. Anthony out of Melville, NY.

Going on MaxPreps, we find St. Anthony, then click on their national rank of 3,051.  Since Delbarton is home, we look for the closest NJSIAA member school below St. Anthony.  In this case, it’s very close by, and happens to be Shore Regional, as shown in the graphic below.

Now, we find Shore Regional’s SI number, which should be 67.49, by WCTC’s unofficial Week 0 calculations.  That would be the number assigned to St. Anthony for the Delbarton game.

Delbarton’s unofficial Week 0 SI number is 80.05.  That would make the expected result 12.56.  If Delbarton wins by 12.56 points or more, their SI number will go up, and St. Anthony’s will go down.  If Delbarton wins by less than 12.56, or (obviously) loses, their number goes down and St. Anthony’s will go up.

Let’s say Delbarton wins by 12.  Both numbers should stay relatively the same.  In that case, Delbarton gets a 67.49 toward their OSI.  They got an 86.87 in OSI from their opening game of Landon School of Maryland.  That means their OSI average is 77.18 over two games.

Throughout the season, those OSI numbers will change.  The values at the end of Week 7 are what will be used to calculate the final OSI on cutoff weekend, with the OSI rankings used as 60% of the UPR formula, replacing the Born Power Index.