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Bill Born, the creator of the Born Power Index – the new formula being used to help seed the state playoffs in New Jersey High School Football this year – gave an exclusive interview to WCTC’s Mike Pavlichko during “Friday Night Football USA” on August 31.

The wide-ranging conversation began with a history of the Born Power Index – now in its 57th year, but in its inaugural season as a factor in the NJSIAA playoff seeding system – and saw Mr. Born discuss how he was approached for the use of his formula.  You can hear the first part of that interview below:

In the second part of the interview, Born begins by discussing why his Index makes no reference to a school’s size, and he answers some hypothetical scenarios.  You can hear that below:

For 2018, the Born Power Index will count for 60% of the seeding formula when it comes time to determine who makes the playoffs.  The traditional power points system used by the NJSIAA will count for the other 40%, but with some tweaks.

Previously, only the first 8 games counted, the lowest score of those first 8 was dropped, and the point were cumulative.  In 2018, any and all games played before the cutoff count, residuals will only be counted for the first 7 games for all teams, and power points will be expressed as an average of all the games played, rather than a cumulative total.  There are numerous other minor tweaks as well.

The Born Power Index numbers can be found here each week.  Gridiron New Jersey takes over from as the official power points calculator.

While the power point formula continues to be published and made available to coaches, administrators and the general public, the Born Power Index has not been revealed.  Sources tell WCTC that even the presentation made to the committee that looked at overhauling the playoff system did not see the formula, but were shown how the playoff seeding would have looked last season using the Born Power Index.