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SMART Homes are on the rise thanks to Z-Wave Technology!

Z-Wave is a wireless low energy communications mesh network used for residential and commercial automation. From security systems, locks, thermostats to lighting controls and more. Z-Wave can now control over 1700 Z-Wave compatible devices. Z-Wave mesh network topology uses an RF (Radio Frequency) network operating in the 900 MHz range communicating from device to device. Each Z-Wave device has its own unique ID and each manufacturer has their own form of security encryption.

A main hub or controller is used as the centralized point which controls your Z-Wave devices, these typically start at your security system panel. These panels (hub or controller) serve as the backbone to your Alarm system, which connects to all your door and window contacts, motion sensors, water/heat sensors, smoke & heat detectors etc. From here your Z-Wave device communicates to your backbone creating a mesh network. In larger homes, a Z-Wave repeater can be used to create a larger mesh network to reach those further away devices in remote parts of your home or office.

Smart Homes or offices can be controlled via your Android, iOS, PC or Mac communicating directly to your Z-Wave devices through your hub or controller. Arming/disarming your alarm, adjusting your lighting thermostats has never been so easy and right at your fingertips. With Geo location services (depending on your provider), you can automatically arm/disarm or control your Z-Wave devices based upon the GPS from your cell phone. When you initially setup your system with your security professional you can schedule functions based upon your proximity to your home or office. As you enter your pre-defined distance to your home or office, the schedules or scenes can turn lighting on, adjust thermostats, it’s truly amazing! What was once just a thought, is now a reality.

Ask your security professional for more information on how you can convert your current system onto a “Smart” System.

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