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Fraudulent and criminal acts at commercial properties are committed every day and often lead to costly litigation, loss of revenue and blemished reputations. Here are six tips to help you avoid a potentially big headache.

6 Tips to keep your Commercial property safe:

  1. Install an integrated security system– Security is more than just an alarm. Layering your security system to include video surveillance, access control and signage is also a deterrent to potential “wrongdoer’s”.
  2. Video Surveillance– Camera placement is crucial to maximizing your ROI. More doesn’t mean better, having cameras installed in key locations will enhance your overall layered approach, specifically upon an alarm conditions.
  3. Access Control– With today’s global security concerns and personnel safety, access control does just that. Control’s access of unwanted people from gaining entry to your facility and gives you the ability to restrict, suspend or cancel a disgruntled or terminated employees access to your building, elevators or even accessing a single door. Exterior entrances to your workplace should be secured with access control. Access control should be in place where employees must present an ID card or check-in with security personnel before they can enter the workplace.
  4. Manage your employees– Unfortunately, sometimes you need to secure your workplace from within. This includes eliminating employee theft by conducting proper background and reference checks. In addition, you should ensure that your employees are properly trained in workplace safety, security, and have emergency plans and drills.
  5. Protect your assets– Proper locking mechanisms should be installed to guard your valuables. Access to your server rooms, financial documents and other important items should be placed in a secure location. Access control allows reporting for a true “audit trail” of who, when and what doors have been accessed.
  6. Maintain proper lighting– Make sure that you have proper lighting. Lighting is very important for employee safety and can aid in security. Having proper, lighting will assist in securing the perimeter of your work building.

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