DIY Alarm Systems Are Becoming Easier To Install

1450 WCTC just learned DIY alarm systems are becoming easier to install.

Do-it-Yourself alarm systems are now becoming a snap to install when choosing the right system. Many professional alarm companies are offering a wide range of alarm systems from a full blown professionally installed alarm system to the DIY for those who either are too busy to have an installation team come out or want to save money by doing it themselves. Systems today are very similar in the sense that almost all sensors are wireless with self-stick tape to mount contacts and for the items that require tools you’ll basically need just a screwdriver.

Many companies have taken the stress out of the installation in a few different ways. After ordering your system you can simply add sensors by literally scanning the device QR Code (Quick Response Code) with your smartphone, following the prompts and voila’ you’ve added your “Front Door” sensor into your new alarm system and continue to add the devices you purchased from the alarm company to complete your DIY installation. This is also where speaking with a security professional helps a great deal, by having a brief conversation on what the goal of your desired protection is i.e.

  • Protecting your prized possessions
  • Keeping the “Bad guys” out
  • Notifying you when the alarm system is armed and disarmed, say when a family member gets home from school or work etc.

Many companies will even pre-program the system, so you literally just have to plug in the keypad which can be mounted to the wall or rest on the kitchen counter, install your sensors and you are in business. Sensor types include the following:

  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Smoke/Heat Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Wireless Keychain Remotes
  • Indoor WiFi HD Cameras

Most systems today also have smartphone apps where you can manage the alarm system, remotely arm and disarm, add and delete users etc. These systems typically start around $200.00 and monthly monitoring costs range from about $15-$30 with a multi-year agreement. Search the internet for an alarm professional near you. And good luck in your DIY endeavors!


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