Remodeling? Think About Radiant Floor Heating

If you are thinking of doing a home remodel or renovation, one change growing in popularity that may be worth considering is a switch to radiant floor heating. This option is especially attractive when remodeling your master bathroom.

Using a series of hot water tubes or electric element installed beneath your finished floor, the heat will radiate up into the room providing an even, subtle heat as opposed to the uncomfortable and inconsistent heat sometimes provided by standard forced-hot air systems. In addition to the increased comfort, you will have the added benefit of warm floors to walk on, and you won't have to listen to the noise of a fan blowing or ductwork rattling.

You will also have the advantage of about a 15% savings on your heating bill as a result of the radiant system needing to run at a much lower temperature than a conventional boiler system. Radiant floor heating can also make decorating a room more convenient since you won't have radiators, baseboard, or vents to design around. If you have small children, there are no hot surfaces to worry about them burning themselves on, and you probably won't need a humidifier since radiant heat won't dry out the air the same way forced-hot air does.

Radiant floor heating is by no means a cheap system to install and can be quite invasive due to the fact that it needs to be installed underneath your floors, but it is a perfect option if you are already re-doing your floors as part of a remodel and are looking for a more comfortable and energy-efficient way to heat your home.

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