Holiday Security Tips For Your Home

Whether you're planning on traveling or staying home this holiday season, there are some simple things you can do to keep your home safe and secure. Here are eight great tips for inside and outside of your abode.

  1. Check your alarm system and make sure it is communicating to your monitoring company. Change the batteries in your smoke alarms and CO2 detectors. Many homes have an alarm system, if you have one, USE it!
  2. Signage is a good deterrent, let everyone know you have a security system by displaying yard signs and window decals.
  3. Don’t make it easy for potential wrongdoers to gain entry to your home. Secure ladders, gardening tools, any objects that can be used to gain or force entry into your home, garage or property.
  4. Make sure all your windows are locked when leaving your home. When you are home, especially at bedtime, arm your alarm system. Most alarms can be set in the “Stay” mode arming the perimeter of the home while shunting the interior motion detectors.
  5. Select the “Chime” mode on your alarm system, this will alert you that a door or window has been opened from the alarm keypad(s).
  6. We all love to let the world know via social media where we’re going, what events we’ll be attending. Try to limit your social media posts when traveling, take plenty of pictures and post them upon your return.
  7. Make your home look occupied, setup timers for some key interior lights that are visible to the front and rear of the home from outside.
  8. Let trusted neighbors, friends and family know your traveling so they can keep a watchful eye!

Enjoy your holiday season and God Bless America!

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