Do You Get Sick And Have Dry Skin In The Winter?...Try A Humidifier

No one likes the feeling of dry winter air. It can cause dry skin, irritation to your sinuses and throat, and itchy eyes. On top of that, it can dry out and inflame the mucous membrane lining your respiratory tract, which can lead to you and your family being at increased risk for colds, the flu, and other infections. Viruses like the flu can even survive longer in environments with lower humidity levels, boosting their ability to spread easier. To combat this troublesome issue, you have the option of installing a humidifier on your forced hot air heating system.

A humidifier that can put additional water vapor back into the air in your home is a very simple remedy for one of winter's biggest nuisances. Keeping your household humidity in the 40-60% range will make a world of difference and prove very beneficial. As already mentioned, humidified air can prevent all sorts of skin and eye problems, as well as reduce the risk of infections. It also can make for more comfortable sinuses and promote faster healing times when you are under the weather. Your home itself will also benefit from a humidifier, as the added moisture in the air will aid in preventing damage to wood furniture, moldings, and doors, such as splitting and cracking. Even your houseplants will look healthier and more vibrant. A humidifier is one small addition to your home that can solve a multitude of issues, so if any of these problems seem familiar, you may want to consider having one installed.

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