TechBuzz: Instagram Updates Reduce Bullying, Add Liking Comments

Recently, Instagram published their December press release, and boy is it loaded with information on new tools and announcements.

Safety has long been a priority of Instagram's, and now, the social media platform has taken great strides to reduce cyber-bullying and create a friendly environment on the platform.

This is accomplished by arming its users with tools to help ensure you have total control over what happens within your account.

In the coming weeks, Instagram will roll out an option that allows users to turn comments off on their posts (if you haven't already gotten that function). Naturally, this is beneficial to users, especially if you are frequently trolled by people who have too much free time on their hands.

Additionally, just like Facebook, you will soon be (if not already) able to like comments on Instagram, which will save you time on replying to everyone "@xxxxx hey thanks!"


Lastly, you will soon be able to ban followers, which may end up being the most popular new feature -- especially during peak breakup times throughout the year (bye bye, psycho exes!).

For more on all of the above updates, please visit the Instagram blog.




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