Governor Christie Marks Completion Of Bound Brook Flood Project

christir boundf brook

(Bound Brook, NJ)  -- One of the most flood-prone communities in New Jersey is going to be more protected, thanks to a project by the Army Corps of Engineers.  Governor Chris Christie joined leaders on Monday to mark the completion of the Bound Brook phrase of the Green Brook flood control project.

Christie says the system of levees, floodwalls, floodgates and pumping stations will help protect Bound Brook, where residents have had their homes and businesses destroyed by floods in the past.

"This will not only give them a safer and more secure community.  It also will give them peace of mind when it rains. One of the things that you don’t learn until you go through this is that it’s not just what happens when a storm comes that creates disaster.  It’s the mindset that it creates for people afterwards," said Christie.  "They’re all concerned the next time it rains, the next time they hear about any kind of report of flooding that the same awful things are going to happen again. Living without peace of mind in your home, in your schools, in your community, and in your state is no way to live, and so these projects will help to restore that peace of mind to people."

He says the project is part of a larger effort to protect 13 municipalities and tens of thousands of families in Middlesex, Somerset, and Union counties.