Governor Christie Urges Federal Commitment To NE Corridor Transportation


Governor Chris Christie joined Senator Cory Booker, Congressman Donald Payne Jr. and state lawmakers today at Newark’s Pennsylvania Station to stress the importance of the federal government, New Jersey and New York continuing their commitment to upgrading and maintaining the transportation infrastructure of the busy Northeast Corridor.

 In the past two weeks, Amtrak’s failure to adequately maintain and repair infrastructure caused two train derailments and a train to be stuck in a tunnel at New York’s Penn Station, leaving passengers stranded for hours. Incidents like these – or even worse – will continue to happen unless crucial federal resources are provided.  Without supporting the modernization and expansion of our system, the federal government would effectively stifle economic growth and lessen the quality of life in America’s most densely populated and economically productive region.

Governor Christie and Senator Booker invited U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to come see the needed infrastructure improvements and move forward with plans already agreed upon by the federal government, New Jersey and New York.