Christie Claims Economic Victories In Final "State of the State" Address

Despite a turbulent 2016, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie pointed to his successes during his final "State of the State" address Tuesday in Trenton.  He touted job growth, cuts in sales taxes and the end of the estate tax.  Christie saw his poll numbers crater and hopes of a White House bid slip away last year. He made only passing references to the incoming Trump White House and bridge lane closing scandal.

Chris Christie is vowing to focus on New Jersey's drug epidemic during his final year as governor.  During his address Christie said insurance companies should be required to pay for six months of drug treatment and that 18 and 19-year-olds should be able to get beds in treatment centers that are normally reserved for children.

He also said he'll push for New Jersey to enact a law barring doctors from initially prescribing more than five days of opioid medications for acute pain.  Nearly 16-hundred New Jerseyans died from overdoses in 2015.