Here We Go Again!

Well no sooner do I think everything in the world is back to normal, when all of a sudden, it happens again. Out go the lights...again. Now I know the last 2 spectacular weather events were freaks of nature, but come on: a hurrican AND a snowstorm 2 months apart? Is this part of "the new normal", or were these both "hundred-year" events? And what does this say about New Jersey's infrastructure? Must we now invest BILLIONS of dollars in upgrading our electrical, mass transit, and drainage systems? All I know is that for the 2nd time in 3 months, your truly is in the dark. As I write this on October 31st, it's Day 3. And counting. And just like last time, no shaving for me until the juice is restored. Let's hope people don't confuse me with San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson.