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Prevent A Small Leak From Making A Big Problem

Everybody has heard a horror story about a friend of a friend who had a catastrophic flood in their home that caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. Luckily, with advancements in technology, the area of leak detection continues to get smarter and more effective.

Son Of Bus Driver Says No U-Turn

The son of the man who drove the school bus that crashed into a dump truck last week is saying his dad did not make an illegal maneuver.  Seventy-seven year-old Hudy Muldrow was behind the wheel during the May 17th accident that led to the death of East Brook Middle School fifth grader Miranda Vargas…

Seat Belt Crackdown In New Jersey

  Police in New Jersey are cracking down on people who don't wear their seat belt.  The state's "Click it or Ticket" campaign kicked off this week and lasts until June 3rd.  Officers will be keeping an eye out for those who decide not to buckle up on the road.  Over 170 police departments in…

NJ Gov: No Sports Betting On Memorial Day

Savvy sports fans will not be gambling on baseball, basketball, or any other athletic event this Memorial Day. Monmouth Park had said it was going to begin taking bets on sports at the end of this month.  But Governor Phil Murphy has pumped the brakes and says New Jerseyans will have to wait till at…